Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Think Tank Tuesdays: Madrid and AP crunch studies

Hello, my loves. I'm sorry it's been so long since I last posted - it's been a hard couple of weeks.

I came back to see that I'd written a line for what was supposed to be a Maniacal Monday post from a couple months ago. Let's start this over. Obviously I've been on hiatus for a stretch - one that goes on for more than a couple of weeks. The last you guys heard from me, I was gearing up for my trip to Spain (my heart flutters at the mere thought) and bracing myself for the AP test gauntlet I was going to run in a couple weeks after.

Well, APs have been over for a week now.

If you guys haven't figured out by now, I'm what some people might call an academic achiever. I have taken a total of eight AP classes (four this year) and spent pretty much every night doing my homework until at least 12:30 am just to wake up at 6 am and begin the process all over again. During the school year, I live for my classes. Is it healthy? Probably not. But up until now, about three days until I am officially released from school as a senior and a week before I don my cap and gown, I haven't been able to write a blog post. So forgive me that, if you please. I thought I'd be able to get things I wanted done back up and running after APs but my classes had different ideas. I'm now swamped with a quiz and a project three days before I leave high school forever, and I'm definitely not amused.

But back to the original intention of this post, besides apologizing for my absence: What the heck have I actually been doing all this time?

Barring studying, homework, and sleeping, I've been living life. I have to tell you guys about Spain, because I think I've found my mother country. I mean, I'm an American, but the Spanish culture and lifestyle just feel so much more like me than how I live in Ohio. The people dress nicer, they are kinder, they are more open, and they're more worldly. The food is more to my taste, too. Fresher and cleaner and better on my body. I was there for a week, starting in the south of Spain, ferrying over to Morocco across the Strait of Gibraltar, and then north to Sevilla, Grenada, Toledo, and then spending my final three days in Madrid.

Sevilla, also two of our teachers, Snas. Braun and Weiant.

Not only was it beautiful and wondrous, but I met so many amazing people and learned so much from the locals and from my guide, Ulrich, a German living in Barcelona up north. It taught me that I need to come back to this beautiful country and stay longer, and that The Artist is in need of some serious changes. It was hard to write about a country I'd never visited, but now that I've been there, it's really going to need some work. Fortunately, I have time for that, and I have a reference now! But seriously, I am still giddy about that trip, and it's been two months. My need to study abroad there is stronger than ever.

So, what have you guys been up to these last couple of months? I've missed you all, come talk to me! Tomorrow I'll try to actually post something writing-related, but until then, I'm going to try and update you all on my personal endeavors in small blocks on the Mondays of summer. (Spoiler alert: I'm going to college and I got my first real job.)

Hasta luego, mis dulces,