What I'm Doing

This is the page where I post about the thing that I seem to do all the time- write. 'You talk a lot of talk about writing', you say, 'so where can I actually see your stuff to see if you're any good?' Well, my derisive friend, you have come to the right place.

Projects come and go, but my current love is The Artist trilogy. Although this version is my first draft no-one-dare-look-at-this edition, you can find it on Wattpad here.

I really like my cover. I think it's pretty shiny.

So far, this has really taken up most of my free time, of which there is less and less as time goes on. Although the previous projects listed here are wonderful, I have decided that I wasn't ready for those stories at the age and writing level that I was at when I started them. That happens, sometimes. They may come back, but for now, The Artist and it's trilogy are my main focus.