Monday, February 9, 2015

Maniacal Mondays: Diamonds in the Rough

Happy 2015 guys! It's been...haha only two months since the ball dropped?

Ay ay ay.

Actually, it's kind of good that I took a bit of an unintended hiatus from the blog - I got a chance to give it a little bit of a facelift that's infinitely easier to look at, and the few months I went blog-silent really have given me some new perspectives on what I'm putting on here.

Here's a quick rundown of what's been going on with me since you last heard from me:

1. I reconnected to my friends back home during winter break and spent a good amount of time with my crazy family. If that isn't just a bag full of writerly people-watching research I can't tell you what is. Between working the Christmas season, playing the awkward catch-up game between everyone who went off to college and is afraid to like being back home, and realizing that your entire family is a whole other level of bizarre, it's not even like you're going home. It's like you got off two exits early from the highway and you're in a city that seems to have all the parts of yours but just isn't your home.

2. I officially decided that I will be going to Spain this summer from May 15th until late July to finish my minor in Spanish and become truly exposed to a nation and culture that is so close to my heart. VIVA ESPA√ĎA.

3. One of my favorite things from break - I took a course over winter break for two weeks that was an intensive novel writing course. Me, fourteen other people, and non-stop reading and writing. The Artist has since blossomed from the dying plant it had been last semester, and I am now incredibly lucky to be closer to the people in my English frat.

I'm not sure it was a divine thumbs-up or not, but who doesn't love Atlantis? And who doesn't love Vinny?

Finally, I thought I'd just throw out that I'm not only a brother but a sister, too! Yesterday I officially accepted my bid to Alpha Delta Pi, one of the sororities on my campus. I'm excited (SO excited, as the sorority community apparently says as a giant sarcastic joke about recruitment), and hopefully it brings good things. I spent about an hour accepting friend requests, responding to welcome messages on my wall, and mutual-following new sisters on Instagram.

(c) 2015 The Embroidery Shop
This week, I'm talking a bit about some of the things that I learned in my classes, experiences, and just about everything else that happened over the winter. As one of my frat brothers would say, living life is the best thing for writing. Queen Bey would say that the rough times are what buffer you until you shine. Can't argue with that, huh? Lest we end up like Andrew Garfield.

Until tomorrow,